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Destiny Designs Press Home of the Shipwreck Series


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Film & Video

The Discovery
(3 mins. 47 secs.) video on YouTube Channel: destinydesignspress

The first in a children's series of Garrett's Great Adventures. In this story, he learns that each of us is one of a kind.
Copyright Darlene Bridge Lofgren

The Courtyard - Episode 1
(25 min. 35 secs.) video on YouTube Channel: destinydesignspress

First episode in a series regarding the adventures of consciousness. In this episode, a woman, tempted to follow a loved one in death, haunts a courtyard where another tenant tries to help, and discovers that he too must answer the question, "is dying easier?"
Copyright Darlene Bridge Lofgren

420 - We Can't Have That
3 min. video on YouTube Channel: destinydesignspress

Re the legalization of pot - created with stick figures, movie maker, a 1989 photoshop, and canned rhythms. Primitive but pointed. Created by an old woman who doesn't smoke the stuff - but is rabid about individual rights.
Copyright Darlene Bridge Lofgren